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Things to know in the event of an accident:
***In the event of an accident, ALWAYS CONTACT THE POLICE AND GET AN ACCIDENT REPORT. If you do not get an accident report the at fault party has no legal obligation. The police do not notify the insurance company, parties involved in the accident notify the insurance company. If the involved parties do not want their insurance company notified, that is an option available with or with out a police report.

***Be careful what you say – Do not discuss "fault" or make statements about the accident to anyone but the police. 

***Make note of  the names of all individuals who were in the vehicles during the accident as well as the people who witnessed the accident.

***Also in this age of smart phone technology, take as many photos as possible. The other party may be as nice as can be at the time of accident, but once they have time to think their story can change dramatically.

***Your automobile in many cases is the second largest investment you will make. We would ask the question, Would you have a stranger who has nothing to loose by a poor repair determine where you have your car repaired? If you answered no, then why would you let an adjuster in another state or city decide where is best to repair your car? Think for a minute, what would be the benefit to them to steer you to a shop of their choice, the answer first and foremost would be money, the adjuster would rather have your car at a facility where they not the shop can dictate what and how your car is to be repaired. One thing to always remember, you make the payments on your car not your insurance company, after your car is repaired you are the one who drives it everyday. We here at Precision Collision only choose to align with insurance companies that allow us to make all repair decisions on our customers cars.

***In choosing your repair facility, ask do they provide a written warranty and for how many years. We here at Precision Collision offer a lifetime warranty on our repairs. See warranty tab above.